I have a Django app that is regionally focused on NYC and am looking at hosting solutions.

I see Linode has a Newark location; going with the assumption I could chose the location.

There's a few articles comparing VPS solutions. My questions is:

  1. How do I go about choosing a package once I decided the solution?

  2. When do I know it's time for an upgrade? (Any specific metrics would be appreciated)

  3. What kind of things should I do to ease the transition to an upgrade if I find it to be necessary? I already use virtualenv to package the webapp.


I highly recommend linode.

  1. It really depends on your app that your building and how much traffic you expect. I would start out at the smallest package and work your way up.

  2. There are a few ways. Linode's dashboard will show you the CPU usage, but you should find a way to monitor the whole server (I recommend Server Density). This is an opinion but I would upgrade if you start using 75% of your memory or CPU usage. Memory is usually the limiting factor.

  3. A version control system and an well planned way to deploy the app. If you have a good plan to deploy your app then you can deploy it to any server at anytime. BUT since you are using linode the upgrade is painless. If there is a VPS in the size you want available then you upgrade it and all your data will be copied over. I have experienced about 5 min of downtime from this.


When you buy a linode try to use this link (referal link)

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