I need to mount two Samba shares from my Ubuntu Server to my Desktop they are:

path = /media/share
read only = no
guest ok = yes

path = /var/www
read only = no

I made two directories in my home folder on the desktop called share and www how do I mount these now? I have to use the terminal btw.

If I run the command: smbclient -L // from my Desktop which is the IP of my server it works.


You can mount the samba share using a command like:

$ mount -t smbfs // /media/share

You can check the mount manual for more options. When you get the shares mounted correctly, you can add them to /etc/fstab to be mounted after system startup.


Khaled is right, but if you need further info, there's a good old howto in Ubuntuforums:


The same question was asked on AskUbuntu, and the answers are also very interesting, showing how to make that mount permanent easily


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