I have a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows 2008 R2 server.

How can I encrypt and route all my internet request from the Win7 laptop to the Win2008R2 server? I guess the server would be called a proxy? Goal is to prevent unencrypted network snooping.

I found this article about using SSH, but I would prefer an official windows integrated solution. What's the Microsoft "way" on this? http://lifehacker.com/237227/geek-to-live--encrypt-your-web-browsing-session-with-an-ssh-socks-proxy

I would like this to work for all internet traffic, not just browser traffic and I would like to set this up on many Win7 clients.



MS Solution: IPSec + FF:TMG

This is not an easy or free solution. It would be easier to run a SSHd on the Server, especially if it's just a few people using this.


Traffic to your own server? => Install OpenVPN or LogMeIn Hamachi²

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