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What is the best way to configure 6 disk raid for SQL Server + OS?

As a general rule what would be an ideal disk layout for a SQL server which is mainly used for a fairly read and write intensive web app?

Would the following be good?

Logical Disk 1 - RAID 1 - OS and SQL Server Program Files
Logical Disk 2 - RAID 10 - SQL data files
Logical Disk 3 - RAID 1 - SQL log files
Logical Disk 4 - RAID 1 - TempDB files

Anythign else? I have seen some configurations with a seperate disk for the windows swap file?

Also this setup would have a minimum requirement of 10 physical disks. That is a lot of disks? I'm looking at a rack of server just now and all of them have space for six disks? How do people normally accommodate the need for more disks? SAN storage?


The overall layout you've given is what we use for DBs with direct-attached storage. We're a Dell shop, so we use 15-spindle MD3000 arrays for this sort of thing.

Don't bother with a dedicated swap spindle. If you're hitting the swap hard enough to dedicate a spindle to it (hitting swap much at all, really) something is Very Wrong.

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