The good people at OSQA created an Amazon image ("us-east-1", ID "ami-24e7114d"), as a micro instance. When I try to launch this instance, I only get options "large" and above - I don't see any "micro" or "small" options.

Any idea why is this / how to resolve?


It looks like you have 2 problems causing your issues:

  1. The image is 64-bit, so you do not see the "small" option as that only supports 32-bit images.

  2. The image in not EBS backed, so you cannot launch it as a micro instance. The image will need to be converted to an EBS-backed volume, instead of ephemeral storage in order to be used as a micro image. See this for more info on the differences.


The problem was that I tried to launch the instance via ElasticFox. As soon as I moved to using the web console, I successfully found and launched a micro instance.

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