We had a drive die and lost the ldf file, but the mdf file is in tact. Is there a process for re-connecting to the mdf file, considering the ldf lost? I have searched without much luck.


Check this. It is explained how to recover the database.


Yes, you can try detaching the database and attaching it using the sp_attach_single_file_db system stored procedure. This will generate a new transaction log file for you. If this procedure fails, you will need to restore from your backup.

  • if there was an active transaction than SQL will not be able to create a new log file knowing that a transaction was not committed and the attach will fail. It will be much harder after a detach to attach a corrupted database. The easy way is to use emergency mode. Much safer. – yrushka Jan 4 '11 at 10:37

but the mdf file is in tact

Yes, but not consistent. Data files are not kept consistent between checkpoints - this is why you need an LDF file.

I suggest a backup. While you MAY be lucky with the sp_attach_single_file_db it is 99.9% a data loss involved.

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