Usually I create a new user, then set the home folder, logon script, etc...

Is it possible in Active Directory when I create a new AD user object, that it goes out to my share drive and automatically creates a folder for them (naming it their username), and then assigns that folder as their home drive?

It would also be helpful if it would automatically assign them a specific logon script at user creation too. Thank you!


When you create or edit the user in the AD console, you can assign a home directory to their profile.

By using the %username% variable (e.g. \\servername\sharename\%username%) you can get it to automatically name according to the user name.

You can also use the DSMOD command to script creation, directory assignment, and many other tasks. A good explanation of using this command for home directory assignment (including for multiple users) is here.

  • Ok I set this up in Active Directory, and it isn't creating the folder if it doesn't exist. I create the folder manually and it still doesn't map the drive. I chose I: as the letter and used \\servername\share\%username% for the path and it won't work. Even when the folder exists. I can path out to that share no problem on the machine. – ItsPronounced Jan 2 '11 at 21:19

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