I have written two C++ fastcgi applications (foo and foobar). I am running apache 2.2 (prefork) with mod_fcgid on Ubuntu 10.x.

I want to be able to setup apache so that:


will run the fastcgi app foo



will run the fastcgi app foobar

Note: The url above is intentionally invalid (missing the protocol type), since I cant post more than 1 link in this question.

How do I setup apache to achieve this?


The easiest way is to use a FcgidWrapper directive with 'virtual' turned on. This means Apache won't even try to find the "real" file, just call the fcgi script instead.

DocumentRoot /whatever

<Directory /whatever/some/path1>
    FcgidWrapper /elsewhere/bin/foo virtual

<Directory /whatever/another/path1>
    FcgidWrapper /elsewhere/bin/foobar virtual

Alternatively, you could use mod_rewrite something like this:

DocumentRoot /whatever

<Directory /whatever>
    RewriteRule /some/path1 /fcgi/foo 
    RewriteRule /another/path1 /fcgi/foobar

<Directory /whatever/fcgi>
    SetHandler fcgid-script
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