Is it possible to bind VNC server to a open SSH tunnel?

I have a tablet that has initiated a reverse ssh tunnel to my server. This works fine over port 8080.

I need to now bind to this port from my local machine. It looks like Ubuntu has some "remote desktop viewier" that has ssh built in capabilities so I assume the only thing I need to do now is figure out how to bind the tablets VNCserver to the open SSH tunnel.

Is this possible?



There are any number of online guides to tunneling vnc.

Normally, the tunnel would be set up with something like 'ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 remotehost', though it can be set up from the remote host instead. With it in place, it's just running 'vncviewer localhost:1' instead of 'vncviewer remosthost:1'.

Vnc has assumptions about what the port numbers are...5901 corresponds to display :1, etc. Local vnc client will expect the near end to be a workable port number, and the remote vnc server will likewise expect the remote port to be usable.

Unless you mean 'ssh remotehost -p 8080' gets you a working shell. In that case, the '-L' options can possibly be tacked on the end of the '-p' options, to establish a second/separate connection just for vnc, using the first one to channel the authentication of setting it up.

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