I'm looking for a web platform to put company files at. My requirements are:

  • should be accessible via a browser
  • should be open source
  • must be installable (dropbox is a no-go)
  • must have an option to put a access time limit on a file
  • must perform garbage collection automatically after a file expires
  • must be able to mark files as public or private
  • an option to protect a file via a pin-code for users without accounts in the system would be nice to have

The problem is I don't even know what to search for - all my googling results in either complete groupware solutions or p2p file sharing software. If such a thing doesn't exist, please don't hestitate to say so, so I can crawl to a corner and cry myself to sleep.


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  • why is DropBox a "no-go"? – warren Nov 21 '11 at 19:28
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I think you want a customized content management system (cms). There are a lot of open source cms systems. Try Open-upload


I've been looking for something like this for a while now with no luck. Your best guess is a webdav platform, or (s)ftp.

I've gone the sftp way, with one folder available over ftp to external, non AD users, and it works for me


ZendTo might be a good starting point, though I'm not 100% sure if it supports everything you need. I know from experience of the author's other software that he'll be very responsive to any useful feature requests.


I played around with the Turnkey File Server Appliance a while ago but didn't care for eXtplorer's interface. It does make files available through the major protocols (SMB, FTP, and Web).


Here are my recommendations, but these are more enterprise solutions than open source build it yourself.

Accellion http://www.accellion.com/

Just boot up the VM and off you go. http://www.accellion.com/sites/default/files/datasheets/Virtual_Appliance_datasheet_1210.pdf

Aspera http://www.asperasoft.com

Aspera Faspex http://www.asperasoft.com/en/products/server_software_1/aspera_faspex_server_6

Both of these solutions should meet your requirements except for being open source.

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