From what I've seen of various reverse proxies (nginx, apache, varnish), they seem to buffer file uploads to disk before handing them off to the service they're proxying for. I need a reverse proxy that doesn't do this; I have a system that handles uploads itself, and buffering uploaded files to disk is not something that works for me. Does anybody know of a proxy server that can be configured to just pass traffic through to the proxied services without doing any buffering to disk?


I didn't think that Apache ProxyPassReverse did any buffering to disk. Doing some quick reading, it looks like you have to use mod_disk_cache to enable using the disk - so out of the box, I don't think that it will do what you think it's doing.

  • Ok, I must have mis-remembered that. Thanks for the info! – tsuraan Jan 6 '11 at 22:34
  • Neither HAProxy nornginx do any disk buffering for proxying, unless you configure it to do so explicitly (only possible with nginx). – Holger Just Apr 18 '11 at 10:05

You can disable Nginx file buffering by setting proxy_max_temp_file_size to 0. The documentation on this directive says as much:

The zero value disables buffering of responses to temporary files.


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