[This is a very narrow question, and I don't think it is covered in similar sounding questions]

I want to configure my server's DNS so that when someone sends email to me@myserver.com it is actually deliver it to myaccount@gmail.com

Note: My question is whether this is possible to do ONLY with DNS not with myserver.com's own sendmail.

I think the answer is "NO" it is not possible, because when I add an MX record to DNS the email that was delivered to gmail's SMPT server would be TO: me@myserver.com and it would not know that account.

(But I hasten to add that I am just vaguely starting to grok how this all works.)


You need to sign up for Gmail for Business for this functionality, as you're quite correct, it needs to be supported by Gmail.

Addendum: As others have pointed out you can do this for free with Google Apps if you have < 50 accounts. I wasn't aware this option existed.

  • not free anymore hope a free alternative will pop up soon!
    – jack
    Aug 27 '11 at 5:45

You can do this with Google Apps, which is free.


Google Apps is good. It's free ... There are some good free webmaster tools on google. google analytics and so on..

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