I had a developer that is no longer with us create an msi to do this for me, but the package is outdated now and we need to deploy new files.

Basically I need to do the following:

  1. Take the code at the bottom of this question and deploy it to all users as a software install package in Group Policy. I don't want to use a computer startup script because I don't want this to run at every login...just once to install and be done.

How can I take the below and turn it into an msi for deployment through GPO?

    @echo off

copy "\\tuldc01\EOneActiveXapplets\ActiveX898\jdeexpimpU\jdeexpimp.inf" "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files" /Y
copy "\\tuldc01\EOneActiveXapplets\ActiveX898\jdeexpimpU\jdeexpimpU.ocx" "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files" /Y
copy "\\tuldc01\EOneActiveXapplets\ActiveX898\jdewebctlsU\jdewebctls.inf" "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files" /Y
copy "\\tuldc01\EOneActiveXapplets\ActiveX898\jdewebctlsU\jdewebctlsU.ocx" "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files" /Y

regsvr32 "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\jdeexpimpU.ocx" /s
regsvr32 "C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\jdewebctlsU.ocx" /s

This is most likely the best (and possibly the only) way to achieve your goal:

Let us know how it works!

  • The first step acted like it worked...but The EXE itself won't run, even by itself. I should mention that I've changed the batch file in the original post since I had syntax errors. – TheCleaner Jan 7 '11 at 18:39
  • @TheCleaner Hmmm... That's beginning to be out of my league. I know there are other VBS to EXE tools out there, but most are for-pay. For example: abyssmedia.com/scriptcryptor and scriptcode.com - Then there's this crazy thing for which I have no idea if it really works: vbs2exe.com – Wesley Jan 7 '11 at 19:02
  • OK, I'll take a look at those links and see what I can figure out. I'll update soon. – TheCleaner Jan 7 '11 at 20:41

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