It is my understanding that JkMount is deprecated and no longer used in tomcat6. How would I make the following rule with only ajp?

JkMount /*/servlet/* ajp13

  • isn't all the content served from the tomcat? Why are you using "/*/"? – Paul Jan 12 '11 at 20:47

JkMount is not part of tomcat. It is a configuration directive of the module mod_jk, from apache, and it is not deprecated.

You have a couple of options to forward requests from apache to an application running on tomcat. One is the use of mod_jk, which basic syntax (this is an Apache directive) is:

JkMount [url] [worker]

In your example, the worker is named ajp13 which is an unlucky choice because it is mistaken with the name of the protocol mod_jk uses. Workers are configured in workers.properties on your reverse proxy (apache2 - and the path depends on wich OS you are using). You can have a deeper look to configuration options of worker.properties at the tomcat connector reference guide. Yu can read this on apache directives related to mod_jk

Other option is to use the module mod-proxy-ajp. It is sure simpler to configure but depending on the scenario you might want to use mod_jk over mod-proxy-ajp. There is a related discussion on this on serverfault, and another one on stackoverflow.

Personally I believe that nowadays there is no need to recompile practically anything. Debian has its own package for mod_jk, and you can get rpm files for rhel and rh-like distros.

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