In my setup I have 3 computers and 2 (wireless d-link) routers.

Computer1 has ethernet and wireless interfaces

ethernet : 192.168.0.x (DHCP)
wireless : (static)

Computer 2 has ethernet with two ips

ethernet1 : (static)
ethernet2 : (static)

Computer 3 is a particular device with a hardcoded ip that I can't change

wireless : (static)

Router1 manages internet and DHCP for network

Router2 is more complicated. I don't use DHCP. I use it to bridge between both networks. Its static ip is

Computer1 can ping Computer2.
Computer1 can ping Computer3.
Computer1 can ping Router1.
Computer1 cannot ping Router2.

Computer2 cannot ping Computer3.
Computer2 can ping Router2.

Router1 can ping Router1
Router2 can ping Computer2
Router2 cannot ping Computer1
Router2 cannot ping Computer3

This is very weird. Router2 manages the wireless connection, it should be able to ping its own computers right?

My question is obviously : How can I make it so Computer2 can access everything else.

This is a traditional case of "it was working before christmas and now it doesn't".

The ethernet wiring is as follow :

[ Computer1 ]----[ Router1 ]---[ Router2 ]---[ Computer3 ]

I am using switch (lan) ports on Router1/2.


What vendor / software are you using for routing?

Does router2 know about the subnet? If it doesn't, it will try and respond via it's default gateway.

Router1 should know that is reachable by 192.168.10.X (Where X is your router2's IP) Router2 should know that is reachable by 192.168.0.Y (Where Y is your router1's IP)

The easiest method to do this is to simply add static routes to each router's routing table.

This is different on different vendors of router, especially small home or office (SOHO) routers.

Also, does Computer3 have a default route set?

  • I use D-Link 628 routers. I'm really not sure about Computer3. It is just a small box with antenas and an on/off switch. I don't have console access to it – Eric Jan 13 '11 at 1:47
  • I'm still a little confused as to the layout of your network, how does router2 connect to router1? Is there a cable from router1's LAN port to router2's WAN port or it's LAN port? Does each router have it's own internet connection? – Squeeb Jan 13 '11 at 1:49
  • Everything is wired in the LAN ports. Router1 has a WAN connection for internet but this works correctly – Eric Jan 13 '11 at 1:54

Silly me there was another router hidden somewhere broadcasting the same SSID

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