I am connecting to a serial port using a Perle IOLAN DS1.

I have noticed occasions when I have tried to log in and got an error message “line not available - press any key” which we think is due to a previous session left “dangling”.

Is there a way of cleanly closing down my session to the host.

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You can telnet into the Iolan server and kill the port manually.

This is the process I remember from lots of old Iolan/Chase serial terminal servers, but it should be consistent for your unit.

telnet to the DS1 and run su
The default password is iolan
From there, you can show port status sh po or show usage sh use.

Since the DS1 is a single-port box, I guess you can probably kill the line or session:

kill line or on multi-port boxes kill line PORTNUMBER.

Try that for now...

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