I have a Linux machine which connected to an Active Directory on Windows server. I configured the NIC to get an IP from the DHCP (from the windows server)

However, when I try to nslookup <server IP> on the Linux side it doesn't work (connection timeout), but on the same machine when I load windows and do nslookup <server IP> it works.

What can be wrong with my Linux configuration or Windows DNS configuration? note: I've configured my DNS to nonsecure and secure connections.

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Check if your DHCP box is giving out the proper DNS servers to DHCP clients. You can check /etc/resolv.conf on your linux box. If not, you can just set the dns server there manually 'nameserver x.x.x.x'; or fix DHCP to give the proper one.

  • it doesn't work for me
    – ssl
    Jan 17, 2011 at 13:40

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