I'm going to answer my own question here, but I thought this might be important enough to post so that it would be indexed for the next person who runs into my situation.

Problem: I can not seem to get PHP code to execute on a x64 bit version ofIIS7, whether it be in my desktop, Windows 7, or the application's final destination on Windows Server 2008. Every time I try and look at a test php document to confirm installation, I only see the source code.

I've followed the documentation from PHP, from iis.net, blogs, howtos, just about anywhere I can find that Google would send me. I tried the web installer, tried manual installations instead of the MSI, tried version 5.3.5, tried version 5.2.17, but no matter what, the code would never execute. I even tried registering .eric files with PHP FastCGI Module, but same result, php source code only.


After about an hour or two a day for 5 days trying to figure this out, I started walking through the php.ini file.

Being a usual LAMP user, I always coded <? // phpcode // ?> . Always worked after a fresh install on LAMP.

With IIS/Windows installer of PHP, <? (short tags) is turned off to avoid conflicts with ASP.

Once I added <?php //phpcode ?>, everything worked!

  • Thank you for posting the answer. Being try to find a solution for a good few hours. All works now! – user73968 Mar 10 '11 at 19:45

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