I've deployed a ruby on rails website to a ec2 micro instance. Can someone give some input on how much this instance can "handle" (e.g. number of users and/or transactions per second, etc.)


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Not much.

Here's a great paper that describes how a micro's performance compared to a Nokia N900 smart phone.


The NET was that micros are very low end and can give irregular performance results.


It depends heavily on what your application does, there's no fix number! Of course it'll be more limited on CPU time and memory than a bigger instance, but your only shot at getting a coherent number is to run a stress test.


See if you can get another EC2 instance and get the two to communicate to each other over non-public interfaces. Then, run Siege against it and see how it performs as you adjust your application or web server settings.

Here's a Siege command I use: siege -c 10 -b -t 90s http://site1.testing.myserver.com >/dev/null

This will simulate 10 concurrent connections repeatedly for 90 seconds.

You can also try ab, which ships with Apache: ab -c 100 -n 20000 http://site1.testing.myserver.com

This will use 100 concurrent connections for a total of 20000 page views.

Siege is preferred and is more powerful, but ab is easy to use and already on most systems.

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