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I'm pretty new on Windows System Administrator (just 3/4 months) and recently i started working on powershell 2.0.

I'm administering a set of windows services, one of them is going to try to execute a "Start-Service" command as part of a powershell script. This windows service is running under a domain account "ATG\Boot" as part of administrators group.

But, Start-Service/Stop-Service always fails for this reason:

Stop-Service : Service 'SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQLSERVER) (ReportServer)' cannot be stopped due to the follow ing error: Cannot open ReportServer service on computer '.'. At line:1 char:13 + Stop-Service <<<< Report + CategoryInfo : CloseError: (System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController:ServiceController) [Stop-Service],
ServiceCommandException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CouldNotStopService,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.StopServiceCommand

This error is reproduced when i execute script from shell, but works properly when i run script with "Run as administrator" option.

I would like to empathize that user is part of local administrators group.

Any ideas?

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Is the UAC enabled? You probably have to have you script elevate itself. This probably means that your script will display a UAC prompt.

This was the first search hit for 'powershell uac prompt'.



Here's a script I use to stop SQL Server service. By using start-process with the -runas switch a separate PowerShell process will be started as admin. You will be prompted for UAC.

Start-Process powershell.exe -argumentlist '-noprofile -command get-service -Name "MSSQL`$R2" | ? {$_.Status -eq "Running"} | Stop-Service -Force' -verb runas

I have blog post here about this subject.

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