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Tips for Securing a LAMP Server.

I want to learn about hardening and securing Apache server. Can anybody suggest me very detailed web resource. I also want to learn history of different vulnerabilities existed in Apache, possible attack against them and how to mitigate them. I required this for both Windows and Linux platforms. Anything else which you think I should know from security perspective is welcomed. (I am a student. I don't have industry experience. This question is asked before but I think the answers are for working professionals.)

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It is a little old most of the points are still valid. There is a part two also the link for which is at the article.



For some basic information and a rogh overview regarding the basics of securing Apache HTTPD for windows you might find this article on Hardening Enterprise Apache Installations Against Attacks as useful as I did.

  • Helpful document to start with but my question is very broad in nature. I am expecting some more detail. – user58859 Jan 24 '11 at 16:22

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