Given the following scenario: 2 W2k8 DCs, each in a different site with own subnet. What are the DNS client settings I should use? The best practice analyser says the the DC should not have itself as first DNS server, but I have also read that the DCs should use the same DNS server as primary server. Obviously, I cannot implement both recommendations at the same time with 2 DCs, so an external DNS server would be the only option.


It's been a long time since I've taken the class, but the setup I've used for years is this. I'm assuming you are using the DCs as DNS servers for client machines.

  • Each DC's network settings point to itself ("real" IP address in 2k, in > 2k3)
  • Each DC's DNS resolver settings point to a close-by DNS server, e.g. your ISP's.
  • AD will take care of replicating internal domain addresses among each DC. Let someone else take care of replicating the resolver data.
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  • There seems to be some dispute about wether using or the real IP. But the thing that is interesting for me is the order of DNS servers on the DCs: always the same or vice versa (if having two). And what to do when I have more than two DCs? – Christoph Jan 26 '11 at 17:51

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