Good morning, I am running 2008 Hyper-V Core with 2 guest VMs inside. I want to create a host server image, this will allow me to restore the host Hyper-V core & guest VMs should the hardware fail.

I have tried BackupAssist but their support does not cover Hyper-V Core so I will try with wbadmin from command line.

What I need to know is could I achieve a full host backup [Like Acronis] using wbadmin that woula llow me to recover the server & VMs using the 2008 recovery options?

Any advice, examples of code would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


I've posted an article with discussion of how to do this:



  • Can you summarize the article in your answer? – Bigbio2002 Jun 21 '12 at 20:21

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