I've got an older IBM x3200 M2 Server (MT: 4368) and I recently acquired a used internal IBM LTO 4 tape drive (FRU: 45E1125). The back of the tape drive requires an Internal SAS 29 pin connector (SFF-8482) .

I'm trying to purchase a PCIe SAS HBA that will allow me to utilize this internal tape drive and I'm having issues. I tried an Adaptec 1405 but the Server refused to move beyond POST with it installed. After talking with IBM support, they directed me to the "Server Proven" page which identified this 46M0907 SAS HBA as a proven working controller. However, when I received it, it had an external SFF-8088 external SAS connector and 4 internal connectors that appeared to be SATA. This seems to be different than the documentation which lists 4 x1 SFF-8087 ports.

I've typically seen SFF-8087 look like This. However, the ports on the card did not look like that. They looked like standard SATA ports.

I found pictures on the web of cables that looked like they went from a SATA style port to SFF-8482.

First, am I taking crazy pills? Is it that simple? Do I just need to adapt from a SATA connector to a SFF-8482? Is it possible their documentation is wrong? Can someone make a recommendation or shed some light on this issue?



You just need the right cable. Any 7-Pin SAS to SFF8482 should work. IBM Probably sells one for $100, or you can find them on the net fairly cheap.

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  • I tried ordering the cable and I'll give it a shot. I'm frankly surprised that the manufacturer and the vendor seem so perplexed by the question. The worst is the conflicting information in the documentation! I'll let you know what I find. – Mr Furious Jan 31 '11 at 2:03
  • I tried the cable yesterday and it worked. Thanks for your suggestion. – Mr Furious Feb 4 '11 at 14:22

Use an LSI controller for the internal LTO drive.


Power is provided to the drive via the Molex connector. Use the adaptor cables.

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