I remote desktop from my home pc to my work pc. When on my work pc I often have to remote desktop from it to a web server. This expands in the whole the screen which means if I have to return the my work pc I must close down the remote desktop session in web server. The only way for security reasons I can access the web server is through work pc. Is there any way to minimize a remote desktop session (web server) and not having to close it?

  • Do you have the latest remote desktop client installed on your work PC? You should be seeing a bar at the top o the screen that will allow you to minimize the second connection. – Zoredache Jan 29 '11 at 0:33

We often use Remote Desktop Connection Manager for managing our multiple RDP sessions. It supports many of the features of Terminals and is free.

I hope that this helps.

  • +1 I LOVE RDCMan - the ability to arbitrarily group servers is brilliant, especially if you have servers at multiple sites. – Ben Pilbrow Jan 29 '11 at 0:18

Using windows RDP client, the pinned toolbars at the top of the screen are covering each other so you can't see the toolbar on the web server. Two options I can think of:

  1. Unpin the tool bar that appears in your work PC RDP session. This will make the tool bar auto-hide, exposing the toolbar of the web server
  2. Before opening the RDP session to the web server, go to Options >> Display section of the RDP client and force the web server RDP session to open in a smaller window.

You didn't mention your operating system. If you are on Windows and have the ability to install software on your work system, you might find the Terminals application useful (http://terminals.codeplex.com/). Among other features, it has a tabbed interface for remote sessions. We use it quite a bit for exactly the situations you describe.


No not really, VPN to work computer then directly RDP to server? I am not sure but it sounds like the title bar is going away, click the thumb tac and it will stay up.


I use Royal TS:


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