I'm currently on my placement year at uni with 4 months left. Before working at my current place, I have not used a nix environment for web development and have used WAMP. Over the past year I have found some very interesting new tech that requires a bit more than my shared hosting even to play with (eg node.js, RoR 3). At work we use a Virtual Machine for development, but that's all been set up and configured to match the live servers, and is managed with a Puppet server. Are there any really good resources for setting up and configuring an Ubuntu VM as a web server? Work currently uses Ubuntu so I would assume this is a good OS to use. I do of course know how to use google, but the noise ratio is just too big, so thought I'd ask here, as I know many of you will have a ton of bookmarks.


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I would suggest you look into Vagrant (http://vagrantup.com/) and VirtualBox (https://www.virtualbox.org/). Create a base Ubuntu image and recycle it easily with Vagrant. In this way you can spin up pristine environments with ease.


Company called slicehost have a really nice set of tutorials / howto articles on setting up servers with different nix distros. Many awesome articles from Slicehost


Howtoforge.com has hundreds, if not thousands, of step by step guides to setting up all types of Linux distrbutions. Do a search for "ubuntu perfect server".

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