I have created the following script to take data from a csv and create new users in AD:

Import-Csv c:\newusers.csv | ForEach-Object -Process {New-QADUser -name $.'un' -ParentContainer 'CN=users,DC=domain,DC=local' -SamAccountName $.'un' -FirstName $.'fn' -LastName $.'ln' -description '6' -userprincipalname $.'un'  -UserPassword 'P@ssword' | Enable-QADUser | Set-QADUser -HomeDirectory '\srv1\home\$.un' -HomeDrive 'H:' -UserMustChangePassword $true | new-item c:\home\$_.un -type directory}

Everything seems to be working except for the new-item creation of the home folders. The -homedirectory and -homedrive commands work and they are named and mapped properly in the users profile but when I try to create the actual folders on the drive it creates a folder called $_.un and then throws errors for object already exists.

I have tried 'c:\home\$.un', c:\home\$.'un', c:\home\'$_.un' all with similar results. Can anyone shed some light on what is wrong with my syntax?


You can overcome this issue by adding $un variable like this:

Import-Csv c:\newusers.csv | ForEach-Object -Process {$un=$_.un; New-QADUser -name $.'un' -ParentContainer 'CN=users,DC=domain,DC=local' -SamAccountName $.'un' -FirstName $.'fn' -LastName $.'ln' -description '6' -userprincipalname $.'un' -UserPassword 'P@ssword' | Enable-QADUser | Set-QADUser -HomeDirectory '\srv1\home\$.un' -HomeDrive 'H:' -UserMustChangePassword $true | new-item c:\home\$un -type directory}

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