I am trying to set up folder redirection for users on Windows 7 machines on a Windows Server 2003 domain. I have applied the "Basic" Folder Redirection group policy for the "Documents" folder to redirect to "Create a folder for each user under the root path:"


When I try to log on as the user, the folder is not redirecting and shows the user's local c:\users\user\Documents folder under Libraries. I check Event Viewer and I see the following error:

 The following error occurred: "Can not create folder "\\dc\profiles\dmunch\Documents"".
 Error details: "Access is denied.

However, when I Start > Run logged in as the user's profile, I can copy and paste the UNC path to the share in the run location and browse to it with no problems.


Why am I unable to use this folder as-is? I assumed it had something to do with Security, however I am able to browse to the folder with no problems.

*Note- I am NOT using roaming profiles, only folder redirection. No other group policies are active except: Computer: disallow CTRL+ALT+DELETE at login, and login message.

**Note 2- I created the Group Policy on a Windows 7 machine so I would get all of the Windows 7 features on a 2003 domain/policy.

***Note 3- The user is the owner of both their root profile folder and the documents folder with full control permission.

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I used these articles to set permissions on the root of the redirected share:

I found that setting permissions on the share was necessary at this link:


This helped to tell me which NTFS permissions needed to go where:


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