I installed XEN on Ubuntu 8.04 using this tutorial but after I reboot with the XEN kernel, I don't have xenbr0 device. I see that network-bridge script runs and it creates peth0 device, but not xenbr0.

I have a very basic IP setup, with a single static IP defined in /etc/network/interfaces. The only unusual thing is that my hosting (1&1) gave me a netmask, so I had to add the default gateway with this script:

/sbin/route add -host dev eth0
/sbin/route add default gw

Everything else is plain vanilla Ubuntu 8.04.

  • Just a comment.. Xen is back in Ubuntu in 12.04, releasing this month. 8.04 will be EOL in 1 year, so perhaps consider 12.04 if you want this system to live much longer. – SpamapS Apr 7 '12 at 15:11

You can do that using command brctl as shown below: Create bridge named xenbr0

brctl addbr xenbr0

Add to that bridge interface like this

brctl addif peth0
brctl addif virtual_interface_of_your_xen_domain (e.g. vif2.0)

Now your bridge should be working.

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