I need to find antivirus for Windows 2003 server. I only have one server. Does anyone know how I can buy the software for just one server (no workstations) for around $50 is possible.

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We use Symantec Corporate Edition antivirus and it isn't terribly riddled with bloat like the consumer Norton packages. Eset has a pretty solid antivirus package but you can't get it for Windows Server at that price. Is this just for a file server? AVG File Server Edition is good and you can get it for $99/year for a server with five connections. I've used this successfully on Workstations and it had kept my machines clean and running smoothly.

  • Can I buy just ONE seat? – nuhusky Jun 10 '09 at 17:22
  • I would check their website for the different packages and offerings. – scotthere Jun 10 '09 at 18:45
  • Avg has a server antivirus with 5 connections for $99. – nuhusky Jun 11 '09 at 14:26

I can't give you advice on which antivirus to use, but I can tell you which ones NOT to use: Stay away from McAfee and Norton as they are the most bloat and processor intensive packages I've seen.

I don't have an active monitor running, but I do run a manual virusscan from time to time. I can recommend Kasperksy for this (they're free for scanning).

  • Yes, they're now bloated, no doubt. But in their defense, they are moving towards HIPS (actually, they are there) since signature-based detection is falling further behind. – K. Brian Kelley Jun 10 '09 at 16:05
  • I use Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 on my Windows XP, however it won't install on Win2003 server. They require KS AntiVirus For File Server, at $290 a pop. way too much.... – nuhusky Jun 10 '09 at 17:21

We recently switched long-time-use Symantec AntiVirus to TrendMicro, and I am glad I did it. It has various options you can choose to secure your system and the price is cheap. We choose Worry-Free Enterprise, which costs around $23 per node. Definitely worth checking out.


I used about a year BitDefender After that We stooped using NetBios and folder sharing So I now run without any antivirus system. I can said that is most of my requirements was above the expected for this product.

But I still wondering Do We need antivirus system for servers. If it only run on services such as SQL, IIS and others


I understand that clamav is available for windows. Not sure about server 2003, but worth a look.

I use it on Linux machines all the time, and it's free.

  • Only thing about clamav is it can't fix a file, only quarantine or delete. Then again, SAV is supposed to be able to, but I've never once seen it successfully clean a file, it always quarantines or deletes anyway. – Kev Oct 26 '09 at 17:09

What you use and if you need it depends on the use and exposure of the server. If you have a lot of client machines hitting it you probably should have something installed. Take your pick, they all have good and bad.


Avast should cover your needs.

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