I have a Debian server with a IPv6 Tunnel (from sixxs) and an IPv4 Ubuntu Client. Now i want to make a tunnel from the client to the server, so that i can surf with IPv6 from the client.

Is there a simple solution or should i request another tunnel (ar a subnet) for my client?

Thanks in advance.

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SixXS only provide a single IPv6 address with a tunnel. Because in IPv6 it is not possible to NAT, you will require a subnet in order to route your other machine through the tunnel.

Is the other machine on the same LAN? If so, the best thing to do is to request a subnet from SixXS and route a /64 from the /48 subnet you are allocated onto your LAN.

If the machine is on a separate Internet connection, it would probably be more economical to request another tunnel, although requesting a SixXS subnet and routing it yourself via something like OpenVPN is not infeasible either.

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    The machine is in the same LAN. So i go to request a subnet. Thanks for your answer. :-)
    – fwaechter
    Feb 15, 2011 at 16:32

You might consider getting a tunnel with Hurricane Electric, which will provide you with a routed /64. Then you could (in theory) set up a VPN.

The easiest option would, indeed, probably be to get a second tunnel from SixXS. An anything-in-anything tunnel would be a good option for your Ubuntu client. Or terminate another routed tunnel locally at your router, or use 6to4, or... the options are endless. ;-)

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