Subject: SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, windows XP Log-in fail for odbc sql server user computer name/guest

I am connecting for several computer with the VB6 application with following connection string "PROVIDER=MSDASQL;driver={SQL Server};server=Computer Name.;uid=;pwd=;database=Test Name;"

BUT, just Three Computer not Log-in. This three (connected with each other) are completely separate in other Room.

I checked all possible options. Besides, which option is missing??? Please Help me...


If you can log in with some computers using that connection string, then it looks to be correct, so your potential problems here are:

  • The computers do not have network connectivity to the SQL server
  • The computers do not have the required SQL Server driver available
  • There are firewall issues.

It would be useful if you could provide any error message you may be getting.

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