My Linux machine has the following definition:

  • RHEL 5.4
  • Kernel release.2.6.18

but I don’t have the g++ command. (I need to write c++ programs under Linux)

For example:

 [root@linux /etc]# g++
 -bash: g++: command not found

I also tried the following:

 yum install gcc
 loaded plugins: security
 Setting up Install Process
 No package g++ available.
 Nothing to do

My question: How do I install/download the g++ command? From where can I get g++?

I have the gcc command but this is only for C programs, not C++.

  [root@linux /]# which gcc

From man page I see: (I'm not sure if gcc also compiles C++)

  [root@linux /]# man gcc
  GCC(1)                                GNU                               GCC(1)

  gcc - GNU project C and C++ compiler

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Install the gcc-c++ package.


You need to install the package which actually includes g++:

$ type g++
g++ is /usr/bin/g++
$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/g++

so, assuming you are connected to the internet, you can do this with yum:

$ sudo yum install gcc-c++

that will automatically install g++ and any other missing dependencies.

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