Has anyone written a compatibility wrapper for svlogd to function as a drop-in replacement for multilog?

I'm a fan of UNIX process supervision in the style of daemontools and lately of runit. While runit offers a compatibility mode for many of the daemontools utilities, there is AFAIK no such offering for svlogd. I've got a few systems I'd like to switch over to runit, but I'd rather not modify the .../log/run scripts of every supervised process on those machines.


  • I wonder, has anyone ever tried to write a master script for all of the log/run instances and then simply symlinked it? This would allow you to shuffle between logging setups without touching 30 bazillion scripts. – Avery Payne Sep 3 '14 at 1:05

Well, runit-dt provides a multilog wrapper that is the closest thing I've found.

It does what I naively think covers 90% of multilog uses: translate 'multilog t ...' to 'svlogd -t ...', and nothing more.

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