I am having a problem getting a MVC 3 project running in IIS7 on a computer running Windows 7 Home-64 bit. Here is what I did.

  1. Installed IIS 7.
  2. Accessed the server and got the IIS welcome page.
  3. Created a directory named d:\MySite and copied the MVC application to it. (The MVC app is just the standard app that is created when you create a new MVC3 project in visual studio. It just displays a home page and an account logon page. It runs fine inside the Visual Studio development server and I also copied it out to my hosting site and it works fine there)
  4. Started IIS management console.
  5. Stopped the default site.
  6. Added a new site named "MySite" with a physical directory of "d:\Mysite"
  7. Changed the application pool named MySite to use .Net Framework 4.0, Integrated pipeline

When I access the site in the browser I get a list of the files in the d:\MySite directory. It is as if IIS is not recognizing the contents of d:\MySite as an MVC application.

What do I need to do to resolve this?

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Since IIS was installed after .NET 4, you likely need to run the aspnet_regiis.exe tool to register all the .NET 4 stuff with IIS.


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