I have a libvirt/KVM server running on Ubuntu 9.04 with a variety of instances I use for testing. I was destroying instances via virsh and occassionally, destroying one instance would take out another. Is this normal? Because it's certainly not ideal.

virsh # list
 Id Name                 State
 10 ubuntu904test        running
 14 centos5test          running
 24 ops1test             running

virsh # destroy ubuntu904test
Domain ubuntu904test destroyed

virsh # destroy centos5test
error: Failed to destroy domain centos5test
error: invalid domain pointer in no domain with matching id -1

virsh # list
 Id Name                 State
 24 ops1test             running

This looks like a bug. I suggest you fill out a bug report.


Having tried the KVM implementation in both Ubuntu and Fedora, I found the Ubuntu implementation hugely inferior to the Fedora one. I agree this might be a bug, but also, if you need KVM working right now: try the new Fedora 11.

Disclaimer: I do not dislike Ubuntu. I use both Fedora and Ubuntu at home. This is just what I experienced.

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    Ubuntu usually has lower quality in their packages from my expirience. That is not just true for KVM – serverhorror Jun 11 '09 at 7:12

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