Do I need to install/configuge the (entire and expensive) Windows Sharepoint Server (is the 2007 version sufficient?) or am I fine with Sharepoint Services 3.0 in order to work with the sharepoint workspace in the office hub on Windows Phone 7?

Thanks, David

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You should be okay using SharePoint 2010 Foundation. It's free for just the basics.


To expand on what Scott said, SharePoint Workspace (Windows or Windows Phone 7) only works with SharePoint 2010 versions.

You can certainly run a small SharePoint 2010 Foundation on less then 4 cores, but 64bit is a requirement.

Office 365 due out this year is a paid hosted service running SharePoint 2010 that -should in theory- support SharePoint Workspace the same as on-premise.

SkyDrive, the Microsoft consumer service similar to Google Docs, is said to start supporting Windows Phone 7 as storage for Office files once the phone OS gets an update later this year.

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