I want to know which is best windows based network monitoring tools mainly for monitoring network and control internet access.

I want to monitor the bandwidth of internet usage in each machine in network. websites accessed by each machine.

Are there any there is any opensource tools?

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I use Zenoss to monitor my windows and unix boxes. The windows boxes are monitored though a combination of SNMP and WMI which doesn't require a agent on each of the system.

Here is a link to the zenoss community http://community.zenoss.org/index.jspa

Here is a link to the WMI ZenPack(plugin) http://community.zenoss.org/docs/DOC-3392

You can also join the IRC (Freenode #zenoss) for help.


What logging facilities does your Internet router support? Some can give the stats you want if you run a syslog server app on your local computer. Here's a freebie:


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