We are thinking of evaluating Nexenta for a Tier 2 storage solution. It looks great, but I have doubts over its future after the demise of OpenSolaris.

I know that Nexenta uses an OpenSolaris kernel and ZFS. Now that OpenSolaris is no more, will Nexenta die a slow and painful death?

I have scoured the net, and there does not seem to be any discussion on this topic out there. Anyone in the server fault community know if Nexenta has a future with OpenSolaris dead?

Also, anyone have any "in production" Nexenta experiences to share?


Nexenta, Joyent, and a handful of others seem to have gotten behind Illumos


Nexenta is indeed utilizing Illumos as the OS core. From what I understand, the OpenSolaris and ZFS bits they are using are truely open-sourced, and that genie can't be put back in the Sun/Oracle bottle. See this page for Nexenta's statement on this.

We are currently building out a 16TB Nexenta Enterprise box... I'll let you know how it goes. Pre-sales support experience was OK however (I had questions on zfs send/recv usage and NIS support.)

  • I would also like to hear about it. – Henno Apr 28 '11 at 17:07
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    So far, I like the product, but I've honestly had a poor support experience (system would not boot due to a misconfigured hostname.<nic> file that was not updated at initial config thru NMV, spent DAYS working with Nexenta support, all they did was send me links from Google to try to solve the problem, which we finally solved ourselves...) – Will Dennis Apr 30 '11 at 20:10

I have deployed a series of boxes with Nexenta (about 250TB total deployment atm.) There was a learning curve for our Linux only shop, but all in Nexenta is a solid product and ZFS is a fantastic filesystem. I don't regret making the move at all.

Oracle has not totally killed OpenSolaris, what they have said is that instead of doing development in public, once they do a full release of Solaris 11, they will do a code dump for all the OpenSolaris community to merge in. So Nexenta will still get updates from the Oracle Devs, you will just need to wait longer.

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