SSL is the biggest problem: S3/Cloudfront doesnt support it. Rackspace CloudFiles just told me they will support it in Q2 2011. MaxCDN told me its $299 setup fee and a $299 monthly fee.

Based on MaxCDN i don't even want to try to ask edgecast or similar CDNs.

Does anyone know about a good solution? I think Softlayer does support custom SSL but i couldnt find it in the interface.


  • Just checked MaxCDN they now only charge $24.95 Commented Sep 24, 2012 at 20:13

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Cachecentric.com is the cheapest i've seen for SSL, here is their ticket response:

Comment By: CacheCentric Our nodes do support SSL, but there's additional charges associated with this: 1) Comodo SSL certificate registration is US$88/year (or US$187 per 3 years). You can also byo certificate for which we charge a one-time $10 install fee whenevr we need to install or update this. 2) There is a monthly fee of US$5 per month per serving location. If you give me an idea of the geographical profile of your traffic, and how much you're looking to spend, I can give you a list of serving nodes that would be most beneficial to choose.

They support reverse proxy also, which is useful...


You need to separately assess your needs in a) serving content over SSL, and b) having a 'vanity URL' or custom domain as you write (i.e. https://cdn.yourdomain.com).

There are plenty of cheaper CDN providers who will do SSL on their own domain name, i.e. something like https://<accountid>.cdncompany.com.

A CDN typically has quite many web nodes (webservers), perhaps in separate clusters. When serving HTTPS, each of the webnodes that can be hit with a request for your content must have the certificate installed. That's an essential part of the authentication that SSL provides. Thus the handling all these customer certificates leads to a fair amount of work for the CDN provider, and that tends to be reflected in the price...

Bottom line, I doubt you will find SSL with vanity domains much cheaper than what MaxCDN is quoting you. You could try looking through all the dedicated re-sellers of established CDNs like Akamai, EdgeCast, CDNetworks et cetera. It might yield something, but it will likely take some time.

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