How can I make the ls command show a file's full path instead of just its filename? With all its options, there must be a way, right?


Here is one option for doing this.

ls -d $PWD/*
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    Or even better ls -d $(pwd -P)/filename which will resolve all symbolic links if required. – Marki Nov 23 '14 at 21:26

This is another way for individual files:

readlink -e filename
  • Combining with find: find . -exec readlink -e '{}' \; – MikeyB Mar 2 '11 at 17:49
  • Use greadlink from homebrew's "coreutils" package if you are on OSX, because the readlink that comes with your laptop seems to have a different API. – John Hamelink Feb 8 at 15:42

I usually use the find command:

find /dir -type f -name "*"
ls -d "`pwd`"/*

that's what worked for me.
Use *.mp3 if you want to list just mp3 files, for example. I did this to make a playlist.
keep the "" if there's spaces in the outputs (the path to the files)

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