I'm running a Cpanel VPS with 5 sites on it. I would like to use Varnish Cache one site only. Can anyone confirm this is possible?


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There's a cPanel plugin for that: http://www.unixy.net/varnish


Edit#0: @Chopper3. I was involved in beta testing but no compensation was involved.

Edit#1: @Praxis Micro, it costs ~$5/mo for non customers. It's definitely not free :). I'm still running on trial and I'm weighing my options (so far so good). The thing is it's much cheaper than Litespeed and is as fast. We'll see.

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Yes, however if all your sites listen on the same IP you'll need to add a check for the specific site you want to cache, and allow all other traffic automatically through to Apache.

The way I normally setup varnish is to leave Apache on port 80, put varnish on, say, 8090 and use a iptables PREROUTING route to redirect incoming traffic through varnish first. That way Apache (and your control panel) don't need any changes.



  • Install varnish(from EPEL)
  • Configure to listen new IP address, and proxy to your site
  • Check varnish(open http://NEWIP/)
  • Change DNS record to new IP
  • This works, but there is a way to install varnish on alive site without either changing IPs, DNS or Apache (see my answer).
    – Coops
    Mar 3, 2011 at 9:36

Praxis for whm/cpanel definitely Unixy varnish plugin is a good start - just beware of differences between unixy varnish implementation of varnish caching compared to varnish' default method of caching - differences outlined at http://vbtechsupport.com/33/ - very long read!