At work, we have lots of information squirreled away in many different sites -- wikis, product docs, ticketing system, etc -- many of which require authentication.

I'm very interested in having a single way to search all our various silos, and in my spare time have looked at Nutch, Grub, Django + Haystack, etc. None of these is a complete solution a la Google Mini or Google Search Appliance.

Has anybody built a basic intranet search engine out of a mixture of these tools? Would you have recommendations about how to go about it? I like Django, and Haystack seems to be a mildly popular search solution for it, but I'd need to wire up a crawler that can support crawling authenticated sites to it.

  • So ... why not buy a Google Search Appliance? Do you have a need for free-as-in-beer or free-as-in-speech? Just curious. – Joseph Kern Mar 30 '11 at 16:41

Velocity by Vivisimo is a great product, but expensive.


Take a look at Lucene from the Apache Foundation. Also take a look on their PoweredBy wiki page, maybe you even find a project already using lucene.

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