I am looking for a web-based file server which can be used to browser SMB/CIFS shares.

I want something easy to deploy (can be Windows or Linux software) and which can be used to download/upload files from network shares.

Any hints?


Ajaxplorer might be what you are looking for, there is an SMB plugin for it.

from the description:

Connect a Samba share and browse its files and folders. This plugin is based on a php wrapper around the command line tool smbclient. This tool must be installed on the server. The wrapper was first developped by Victor M. Varela. Like the ftp access driver with the auth.ftp, this smb driver can be used in conjunction with the auth.smb plugin to authenticate users directly against the samba share.


I would use WebDav. It is a standard to share files over the internet and actually it can be used in the place of SMB/CIFS too

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