I have installed Postfix and Courier pop3 on Ubunto Hardy. I setup MX record to point to the server I built and it is working to some extend. I can email root@myFQDN.com from outlook and it works OK. I can receive email at root@myFQDN.com as well via outlook. I created an account for webmaster@myFQDN.com, the home directory /home/webmaster was created and is owned by 'webmaster webmaster'. I then did the 'maildirmake Maildir' command from the webmaster account and home directory. The directories new, cur and tmp are created under Maildir so everything is looking good. I then tried to send mail to webmaster@myFQDN.com and the email ended up at root@myFQDN.com mailbox.

What have I done wrong?

Thanks in advance



Is webmaster an alias for root in /etc/aliases ?

  • yes! Simple when you know how isn't it! I think I will havbe a steep learning curve for a few days! Thanks TiZon! – Rich Mar 8 '11 at 12:05

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