I can't get IIS to respect my SSI directives - it just outputs the #include directive as if it were regular old html.

Here's the relevant data points:

  • My file with the include directive is called index.html
  • This is my directive: <!-- #include file = "header.shtml" --> (it doesn't work with virtual either.)
  • The file being requested is in the same directory as the file being


  • The SSI module is installed.
  • The SSINC-shtml handler mapping is present and enabled.

I think it might be some sort of permissions issue (read/write/execute), but I don't know where those settings are in IIS 7.5.


The problem is that the file is called index.html, which is not mapped to the SSI handler by default. Either:

  1. Map the .html file extension to the SSI handler which brings up another question OR
  2. Rename the file index.shtml

In IIS Mgr, click on the Server / site node (whichever level is appropriate for your environment) and click Handler Mappings. Double-click on the SSINC-shtml mapping, the click the Request Restrictions... button. Check the settings in all 3 tabs there and see if you've got something set improperly.

  • Can you elaborate on "improperly"? I saw that it has script access. – Josh Kodroff Mar 15 '11 at 14:06

Server-Side Includes are not enabled by Default in IIS 7 on Windows 7.

In Control Panel, Programs, Turn Windows features on off:

Check the option:

  Internet Information Services
    Application Development Features
      [x] Server-Side Includes
  • -1 for not reading that I have already installed the SSI module. – Josh Kodroff Mar 7 '11 at 21:53
  • Did you also enable Common HTTP Features \ Static Content? – Gordon Bell Mar 7 '11 at 22:02

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