Im trying to use Percona Server with XtraDB with Drupal

But the documentation not describe the basic usage like how to login to the CLI (MySQL usemysql -u root -p), how to create database, etc

Connecting Drupal with MariaDB is very easy because all the commands are same. How about Percona Server?


The CLI commands are all the same. In fact, everything is the same. Percona is MySQL with some internal tweaks.


As taken from the first line of the Percona Server website:

Percona Server with XtraDB is a backwards-compatible replacement for MySQL that is much faster and more scalable...

It's backwards-compatible, so you just use it like you use any installation of mysql. Same commands, same flags, etc. I'd get a grip of the basics of a standard mysql setup before heading off into the land of performance-based forks.

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