I just created a free EC2 instance with all the defaults. It says it's running in the AWS Management Console. On the "Instance Actions" menu, I click "Connect". I copy the DNS name provided (looks like ec2-a-dashed-IP-address.compute-1.amazonaws.com) and try to SSH to it. No response. I can't even ping it. What gives?


Apparently the default firewall is locked down, even though it doesn't look like it. Go to "Security Groups" on the left-hand pane of the AWS console, and select the "default" group. There are already entries for all TCP,UDP, and ICMP from a Source of "default group".

For a new entry at the bottom, select "SSH" from the "Connection Method" dropdown. The Source will default to "" instead of "default group". Click "Save" over on the right and now it should respond when you try to SSH in.

If you want to ping it, create a similar new entry with protocol "ICMP", leaving the Connection Method as "Custom..."

  • Posting this in case it's helpful, but maybe it's painfully obvious to everyone but me. I expect things to be locked down by default, but not so much that I can't even ping my own instance! Maybe the "Connect Help" dialog that pops up in response to "Instance Actions"->"Connect" should at least make a mention of it if you have yourself locked out... – CrazyPyro Mar 10 '11 at 21:16

The way I got ping to work was:

  • Select Inbound -> Custom ICMP
  • Select "Echo Request"
  • Set Source if needed or use for everywhere
  • Apply

(ssh worked out of the box for my instance)

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