I have always been SVN user but currently I have to use CVS as the source repository. I am quite new to CVS and really got confused many a times (reason being I always tried to access CVS like SVN !)

However now I am really stuck in one problem wherein I am not able to do any cvs operations through cygwin. Actually I have checked out the code using WinCVS and while doing that it created the CVSROOT as following,


However whenever I try to use cvs command in cygwin (after setting CVSROOT variable using export) it fails with following error:

cvs update: Unknown option (`username') in CVSROOT.
cvs update: in directory .:
cvs update: ignoring CVS/Root because it does not contain a valid root.
cvs update: Unknown option (`username') in CVSROOT.
cvs [update aborted]: Bad CVSROOT: `:pserver;username=<user_name>;password=<pwd>:<serverip>:/cvs/repository'.

However the command works fine, if invoked through dos command prompt. I got to know that on DOS prompt, cvs command is provided by CVSNT whereas in cygwin it's some different package.

Please let me know where I have made a mistake and how it can be corrected !

I need cvs to work inside cygwin for some scripting purpose.


It is likely looking for a connection in the form: :pserver:<user_name>@<serverip>:/cvs/repository.

You can test with the command cvs -d :pserver:<user_name>@<serverip>:/cvs/repository login.

If you try to use the same sandbox for both windows and cygwin you will may have problems.

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