I have successfully installed and configured Icinga 1.3 and got the basic web interface up and running and all is good.

I'm now trying to get icinga-web to work. I've followed the instructions documented here:


When I browse to the icinga-web app I am able to logon but get a blank page. When I do a view-source I see all the HTML and markup for the page and also the following error in Chrome's developer tools:

GET http://nagios.node/icinga-web/appkit/squishloader/javascript 500 (Internal Server Error)

Upon checking /usr/local/icinga-web/app/data/log/icinga-web-2011-03-16.log I am seeing this identical error for every request I make of the page:

[Wed Mar 16 01:29:08 2011] [fatal] Uncaught AppKitPHPError: PHP Error
mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists

As per the install docs I tried clearing the cache with:

rm /usr/local/icinga-web/app/cache/config/*.php

And then restarting apache but I can't seem to get past this.

I built icinga-web today from the git repo at:


I also tried building from the 1.3.0 tar ball as well but still get the same problem.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?


This is installed on:

  • What operating system are you using? Did you install the IDOUtils? – Kenny Rasschaert Mar 16 '11 at 9:34
  • @kenny.r - sorry, copy and paste fail, I've added an update to the question. IDOUtils is installed. – Kev Mar 16 '11 at 10:13
  • @kenny - problem solved. See my answer. I think it's one of those PHP oddities. – Kev Mar 17 '11 at 18:33

I poked about with this and the problem seems to be within the Agavi components, specifically:


And within the writeCache() method:

@mkdir(AgaviConfig::get('core.cache_dir') . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 
        self::CACHE_SUBDIR .
        array_slice($groups, 0, -1)), 0777, true);

I dropped a logger line into this code and saw that mkdir is trying to recursively create a directory such as:


I deleted this, restarted apache but the problem persisted.

At this point the server was running PHP 5.2.17.

I upgraded PHP to 5.3.5 and this issue magically resolved itself.

Out of interest I knocked PHP back to 5.2.17 to see if there were any differences between the mkdir() function behavior in that version compared to the one in 5.3.5. A test script showed that all that PHP did was warn that the folder existed in both versions, there was no hard error thrown.

Also, and bizarrely, icinga-web started working with PHP 5.2.17....and I have no idea why. I checked both version's php.ini files thinking that the error_reporting settings may have changed, but they were the same (except that PHP 5.3.5 is set to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE | E_DEPRECATED whereas 5.2.17 is set to E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE).

Hope this is of use to anyone else encountering the same issue.

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I had the same issue. Took me a time to find the solution. The "AppKitPHPError" is pretty misleading; the real cause is much more simple an easy to resolve.

It is simply missing credentials. Edit the following two configs an fill in your correct DB-logon

  • /whereveryouricingarootis/icinga-web/app/modules/Web/config/icinga-io.xml
  • /whereveryouricingarootis/icinga-web/app/modules/Web/config/icinga-io.site.xml

After this you're done and the error will disappear

Have fun !!


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